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About Us

 Sunny Nafissi was born in Tehran to an artisan family, adorning art and jewelry  from a  young age. She Studied Graphic Design and was always fascinated by the beauty of craft. Nafissi intended to take her endless ideas and create jewelry, so she took on a jewelry  course. Her final designs were met with positive feedback and so she decided to start her   own brand. Her designs are bold, chunky, and may have sharp edges, drawing inspiration  from her passion for rock music. Other elements and symbols used in Nafissi’s designs are ,old, spiritual and meaningful  with a positive backstory behind every piece. Rumi’s poetry  also inspired her to use natural elements in her work.

Nafissi wants her clients to feel good  wearing here jewelry since in each piece lies a positive story and can be an optimistic reminder.  The reason so many of her works are   limited edition is because each needs to be powerful, unique, and slightly different in design.

Be with the collection of exquisite handicrafts of sunnafissijewelry