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Sunny Nafissi Story

I have been fascinated by jewelry since I was a child. At some point in my life, God gave me this blessing to enter the field... So here I am, experiencing constructive awareness. I experience a life where I witness my fascination with the inner part of life. Spectator of life's infinite mysteries that lead to wise innovation. The result and fruit of that is my unity and harmony with other beings. I have found the joy of what I have been given in what I love.

Variety of materials

طلا و نقره

silver and gold

دسته بندی برنج و نقره گالری سان نفیسی جولری

silver and brass

دسته بندی نقره گالری سان نفیسی جولری


دسته بندی انگشتر گالری سان نفیسی جولری
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