Orange Braided Magic Eye Bracelet


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Sun Nafissi jewelry accessories with Magic Eye symbol can be purchased in different colors on the website.


What Does the Orange Magic Eye Mean?

An Orange Magic Eye helps ignite a creative spark within us. It helps bring youthfulness, energy, and happiness into our lives.

It helps open our minds and allows us to solve old problems with new solutions, methods, or approaches.

It ignites the very spark that makes us human. That makes us innovate. That makes us progress.

An orange Magic Eye also helps increase our motivation for commitment. It helps keep us focused on our goals even if our motivation dips in the short term. It helps keep the desire for our long-term goals burning inside us.


دستبند نقره بندی سان نفیسی جولری happy eye Bracelet

You Should Wear an Orange Magic Eye if:

  1. You’re not getting any good ideas on how to take your life, work, or goals forward.
  2. Perfectionism, fear of change, or excessive rationalization are hampering your creative flame.
  3. Lack of self-confidence, fear of failure, or fear of rejection is creating an obstacle to your creative thinking.
  4. You’re finding life to be unimaginative, dull, and ordinary, or finding your work to be uninteresting, repetitive, and boring.
  5. You’re hitting creative block or writer’s block, or are having a hard time staying committed toward new goals and finishing what you start.

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رنگ بند

black, gold, green, red, silver

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Orange Braided Magic Eye Bracelet

Available on backorder