Wings in Sunny Nafissi’s Products

Wings in Sunny Nafissi’s Products

the history of flight

Human flight is one of the greatest achievements in the history of science and technology. This path has been marked by numerous accomplishments and innovations and is considered one of the longest stages of development and progress in the history of science and technology. In1903, the Wright brothers, with the invention of the airplane, were able to realize the power of flight for the first time in human history. They built and flew their airplane, fulfilling an ancient dream.

Wings in Sunny Nafissi's Products

After that, flight technology progressed rapidly, leading to the construction of airplanes with higher capabilities and greater speeds. In the following decades, space travel also emerged as a remarkable achievement in human history. The first astronauts flew into space, and this event was recorded as an important milestone in the history of human flight.

This history demonstrates that human flight has been filled with challenges, achievements, and advancements. The desire to fly and be like birds is believed to represent the desire for freedom and the power to soar through the skies. This desire reflects the tendency to escape limitations and experience states of freedom and lightness.

سنجاق شینه freedom

flight in various artistic works

The concept of flight has been portrayed as an important and inspiring subject in various artistic works globally. From paintings and theater performances to poetry and music, the notion of flight has been used to symbolize freedom, the desire to be immersed in the infinite sky, and various spiritual and human states. This concept has served as a source of inspiration for artists and creators in diverse art forms.

Some examples of famous artistic works that have utilized the symbol of flight, birds, and wings include the painting “The Birdlike” by René Magritte, which depicts an image of birds with open wings and is considered one of the renowned works of art;

The numerous poems with the theme of “flight” by Rumi, in which the image of flight is used to convey deep emotions and ideas, with the flight of Shams representing the peak of his spiritual ascent and liberation from worldly constraints;

and the Prelude Op. 28, No. 15, by Frédéric Chopin, known as the “Raindrop” prelude, which, through its composition, portrays the feelings of flight and freedom.

These works exemplify the use of the symbol of flight and birds in art, demonstrating the influential role of this concept in different societies and cultures.

Wings in Sunny Nafissi’s Products

In gold and silver jewelry, wings are one of the favorite subjects for jewelry artists. They use wings as a symbol of freedom, beauty, and flight, and incorporate them into the design of their jewelry and accessories. These types of designs are usually crafted with great attention to detail and high craftsmanship. Iranian artists have also employed this symbol in painting, sculpture, jewelry making, and other art forms, where it can appear in the form of a bird, wing, or even idealized representations of flight.

In the works of the Iranian artist Sunny Nafissi, wings are used as a symbol of freedom, flight, the desire for transcendence, and liberation from earthly limitations, as well as the pursuit of freedom and liberation. Her works also offer a nuanced perspective on the concept of the human desire for progress, perseverance, and the power to overcome problems and limitations.

Art lovers seeking freedom, progress, and the ability to overcome limitations, obstacles, and injustices, or those striving for transformation and progress in their own lives, can deeply appreciate the value of Sunny Nafissi’s delicate and beautiful art pieces. Please visit the SunnafissiJewelry website: wing collection to purchase artwork featuring the wing symbol.


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