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I’m Sunny Nafissi and I was born into an artisan family in Tehran. I adored art and dreamed of making jewelry since I was a little kid. I studied graphic design at university and was always fascinated by the beauty of crafts and how things are made. I wanted to make my own jewelry, so I took a jewelry-making course. The outcome of my designs after the course had amazing feedback from people around me. That was when I knew there was nothing else, I wanted to do apart from starting my own brand, which I named SUN.NAFISSI.

Due to my extreme passion for rock music, I always fantasized about being a rock star and dressing like one. Therefore, most of my designs are bold and chunky and may have sharp edges incorporated within the pieces. I love to use old symbols and spiritual and meaningful elements in my works, with a positive background story behind every piece. At the same time, each piece carries a strong rockstar style.

Rumi’s poetry inspires me the most, along with nature. I love using natural elements in my works. I want my clients to feel lucky every day when they wear my jewelry since each piece contains a positive story that serves as a reminder of positivity.

The main material I use is silver, but I also use 14k and 18k gold in some of my designs. I always wanted to be different and knew I was different as long as I can remember. Somehow, that empowered me along my path. So, I design and make my pieces in a way that makes people who buy my works feel the same. I want them to feel powerful and unique, and that’s the core secret of what I do.

That’s why most of my works are limited edition, and they all have small differences in their designs. I feel grateful every day that I have my own special clients, and I thank God for that. I’m extremely happy to have such passionate and special clients because, in my humble opinion, they are the most stylish people around.

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