the AUM symbol in Sun Nafissi’s artworks    What is the meaning of AUM? The powerful Om mantra includes four parts: three visible parts, A, U, and M, and a fourth that is invisible, the melodic shadow and vibrating murmur.   These four parts represent Hinduism’s mysticism and metaphysics. The AUM mantra contains three sound-generating […]

Wings in Sunny Nafissi’s Products the history of flight Human flight is one of the greatest achievements in the history of science and technology. This path has been marked by numerous accomplishments and innovations and is considered one of the longest stages of development and progress in the history of science and technology. In1903, the

Number 13 in the products of Sun Nafissi In the continuation of the articles of the Sun Nafissi Jewelry Magazine, we delve into the number thirteen and the hidden secrets within it. By reading this article, you will gain insight into why Sun Nafissi uses this number in some of his products.  Number 13 in

Number 13

Although among the precious metals, gold has the most fans, but silver plays an important part in history, from medicine and its role in health to photography and even religious ceremonies. Viewing the previous articles of Sun Nafissi magazine about silver and health and the history of its evolution is not without grace. In this

Cleaning Bronze, Copper and Brass Accessories As you know, sunnafissijewelry has recently launched a new bronze line. So we decided to give you an article on how to maintain your bronze accessories.To keep the bronze as good as possible, clean it with a soft cloth before putting your bronze jewelry in a special box or

Men Meaning of using a ring on each finger  for Men Following the previous article, which talked about the ancient meaning of the ring on each finger, In this section, we discuss the ring finger for men and the meaning of wearing a ring on a specific finger. There are specific ring meanings for men

Typically engagement and  wedding rings are worn on the ring finger, but do you know the meaning of wearing different types of rings on each finger? In this complete guide, we discuss the meaning of each finger for wearing rings. THE MEANING OF EACH FINGER Throughout history, it is believed that finger choices for rings

خرید آنلاین جدیدترین کالکشن نقره سان نفیسی جولری

Why Men Prefer Silver Accessories? Men’s  silver jewelry steams deep in history. Various nations admitted wearing of armbands, bracelets, necklaces or rings, that was an indicator of belonging to a particular culture. Some believed, these accessories brought to their owners good luck and protection from an evil eye. In today’s modern world lots of people

Any fashion conscious woman will be constantly on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to enhancing her appearance, showing off her individuality and drawing attention from all those around her. While there are many different choices out there, none works quite as well as handmade bronze jewelry. Currently being retailed in many

Eighteenth-Century Rings Georgian Giardenetti Ring. © Victoria & Albert Museum Collection. Jewelry of the Georgian era was light, elegant and refined. Indicative of the rococo style, rings worn by day often featured delicate combinations of colored stones, many in bright asymmetrical giardinetti bouquets or elegant ribbon and bow designs supported by gracefully divided shoulders. In a tribute to popular

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