Blue Magic Eye on acid Ring



Happy eye on acid Ring is a light blue ring made by Sun Nafissi Jewellery. The main feature of this ring is the beautiful blue symbol that reminds us of beautiful and valuable concepts. This ring symbolizes general protection, expanding your perspective, and peace and solitude.

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What Does the Blue Magic Eye Mean?

The Blue Magic Eye is a traditional symbol of protection and good luck that is believed to have the power to deflect negative energy and protect against the “Magic Eye” of others.

It is thought to be particularly effective in protecting against the jealous, malicious, or envious gaze of others, and to help safeguard one’s fate and karma in this life and in future lives.

The color blue is often associated with the Magic Eye because of its calming and serene nature. It is thought to help the mind stay calm, composed, and relaxed, and to promote peacefulness and tranquility.

Blue Magic Eye on acid Ring

The peaceful energy of the blue Magic Eye is also believed to help open the chakras, or energy centers, in the body, and to facilitate better communication and understanding between people.

In addition to its protective powers, the blue Magic Eye is also thought to bring about good luck and positive energy. It is a popular symbol that is worn by people of all ages and backgrounds as a way to protect themselves and bring about positive change.

Whether worn as a talisman or amulet or simply as a decorative accessory, the blue Magic Eye is a symbol that is steeped in meaning and is thought to bring about positive energy and protection.

You Should Wear the Blue Magic Eye on acid Ring if:

  1. You feel you are often impacted by the Magic Eye of others or feel that you often accidentally cast a Magic Eye on yourself.
  2. You want to have a better understanding of who you are, or want to better express yourself and your thoughts.
  3. You would like to accumulate knowledge, decrease ignorance, and exert more conscious choices in life.
  4. You want to make your relationship with loved ones sweeter.




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سایز انگشتر زنانه

size3.5 14.4mm, size4.0 14.8mm, size4.5 15.2mm, size5.0 15.6mm, size5.5 16.0mm, size6.0 16.4mm, size6.5 16.9mm, size7.0 17.3mm, size7.5 17.7mm, size8.0 18.2mm, size8.5 18.6mm, size9.0 19.0mm

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Blue Magic Eye on acid RingBlue Magic Eye on acid Ring