the ONE Ring (black)


The ONE ring is exquisite silver jewelry inspired by the number one as a symbol of unity and also a symbol of God and his oneness.


the ONE Ring (black)

The number one is a symbol of unity and also the symbol of God. In mathematics, the number 1 can only be divided by itself. Also, if you divide or multiply any number by 1, the result will be that number itself. It is interesting to know that the number 1 is used in many programming languages, where it means true, while something False is marked with zero.

If you want to receive messages from your guardian angel, then you should pay more attention to the numbers that may appear in front of you. Angel numbers usually appear when you least expect them, so you have to watch carefully.

Angel number one is a sign of big changes coming into your life. You will be ready to leave your past behind and accept the changes that are coming soon. It is better to adapt to these changes and you will see that everything in your life will improve. This could mean that you will soon find a new job or start a new relationship. You should be ready for new beginnings that will bring you much joy and success.

Angel number one tells you to focus more on what your heart is telling you.


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سایز انگشتر زنانه

size3.5 14.4mm, size4.0 14.8mm, size4.5 15.2mm, size5.0 15.6mm, size5.5 16.0mm, size6.0 16.4mm, size6.5 16.9mm, size7.0 17.3mm, size7.5 17.7mm, size8.0 18.2mm, size8.5 18.6mm, size9.0 19.0mm

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the ONE Ring (black)