the TWO Ring (black)


Sun Nafissi jewelry number two black ring is inspired by the number two as a symbol of balance in affairs and relationships from family to your partner, friends, health, spirituality, etc.

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the TWO Ring (black)

Each number has a vibration that connects us to the universal source. The vibrational nature of the number two is associated with service, cooperation, and hospitality.

Following the guidance of our angels and cooperating with their divine guidance is the best way to realize our full potential. When angels send us messages that repeatedly carry the vibrational energy of angel number two, they likely mean a message that tells us to be receptive to inner guidance as well as the needs of others.

Angel number two is a symbol of trust, faith, and balance.

Angels want you to balance your life and give time and energy to each area of your life. A harmonious and balanced life gives you the energy to advance your goals and plans. When you not only take care of your job but also nurture your relationships with your family, partner, friends, health, spirituality, etc. You will feel lucky and happy. But this is the power of balance.

Trust the angels and follow their signs.


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سایز انگشتر زنانه

size3.5 14.4mm, size4.0 14.8mm, size4.5 15.2mm, size5.0 15.6mm, size5.5 16.0mm, size6.0 16.4mm, size6.5 16.9mm, size7.0 17.3mm, size7.5 17.7mm, size8.0 18.2mm, size8.5 18.6mm, size9.0 19.0mm

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the TWO Ring (black)