Men’s  silver jewelry steams deep in history. Various nations admitted wearing of armbands, bracelets, necklaces or rings, that was an indicator of belonging to a particular culture. Some believed, these accessories brought to their owners good luck and protection from an evil eye. In today’s modern world lots of people are still ensured, that some kinds of jewelry carry this esoteric meaning.

But not only a mysterious side is hidden behind the jewelry wearing. Historically, most men wear accessories just in order to show their social position. Power and status affiliation requires the demonstration of welfare by wearing numerous precious gems and metals, including gold, silver, platinum etc.


But What About Today’s World?

So far, the ideas mentioned before are still valid among modern male society. To say more, nowadays men’s jewelry has become a casual case. Rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces may become indispensable part of any outfit. These accessories are intended to underline the holder’s personality as well. It’s worth to say, that silver fashion in jewelry is gaining popularity.

Here are some reasons of wearing silver jewelry by men

Actually, silver is well-known to be a rather affordable precious metal, what exalts it above the other materials. Thus, silver jewelry becomes an exceptional investment.

Moreover, it is widely available in various interpretations, starting with silver rings and ending with silver earrings. Everyone can find an item for any taste. Looking for a unique and stylish gem accessories, You won’t feel limited.

Furthermore, such a piece of image will be an appealing and attractive punch line of the appearance. Numerous range of silver fashion items speaks for itself: from discreet silver rings and earrings to ostentatious necklaces and armbands.

As a men’s jewelry, silver looks elegantly and noble There is plenty of unique designs to chose from, which, if correctly selected, help to create a bit intriguing image. This is a little secret for men to adopt!

Another oadvantage of silver jewelry is the strength and durability of accessories. In comparison, golden items are very sensible to any physical impact, they can be easily distorted by a slight manual pressure.

So, in connection with the previous benefit, men’s silver jewelry seems to be not only good-looking, but a practical choice. Among other utilitarian features is its natural color, due to which silver jewelry will suit to every clothes tone and won’t look too sharply in any combination. Moreover, silver accessories always mix well. For instance, men’s silver rings and steel watches or silver bracelet will definitely be a good fit and will be appropriate to every dress code.

Appealing to the business world, with its strict and restrained rules concerning appearance, silver jewelry is the best choice. For example, simple silver men’s rings won’t attract an extra attention, but at the same time will act as an elegant focus.


Regardless the inexpensive price, silver items are made of a high-quality material. In production a sterling silver is usually used. Although, most accessories contain some impurity of copper, the finished product consists of 92,5 % of pure silver and is marked as 925k.

This way, silver items are considered to be rather valuable. Owing to its quality, men’s silver jewelry tends to act as an indicator of holder’s social significance.

By the way, containing pure material is a benefit for both owner’s status and his well-being. It is believed, that silver product helps to keep good health. It may seem weird, but recent medical researches have affirmed silver healing effect.

All in all, men’s silver jewelry is not only a sophisticated part of image, but also may be a generous and very welcome present.

By Micheal K