Meaning of using a ring on each finger for men

Men Meaning of using a ring on each finger  for Men

Following the previous article, which talked about the ancient meaning of the ring on each finger, In this section, we discuss the ring finger for men and the meaning of wearing a ring on a specific finger.(Men)Meaning of using a ring on each finger

There are specific ring meanings for men and wearing rings on fingers other than the ring finger holds symbolic significance.

Ring finger – Marital status
The ring finger for men can be either hand depending on culture and religion. For example, in western cultures, the ring finger for men is on the left. Men’s wedding rings will often be worn on the left hand on the ring finger in the UK – however, in countries such as Russia, Germany and India, the wedding ring is worn on the right.

Middle finger – Balance
It is uncommon for men to wear a ring on the middle finger, however, in the west, it has become a fashion statement. Wearing a ring on the longest finger is said to symbolize balance.

Index finger – Social status
Wearing a ring on the index finger used to be viewed as a way to express social status. It was reserved for the upper class and men would often wear a family crest or signet ring on this finger.

(Men)Meaning of using a ring on each finger

Thumb – Power and influence
Men wearing a ring on their thumb has long been viewed as a symbol of power or influence. It has also been associated with high-class society and royalty. Today, however, some men choose to wear a thumb ring as a fashion statement.

The finger you choose to wear your rings on really depends on your taste and preference. Some people even choose to wear their engagement ring and wedding rings on a different finger to what tradition dictates.

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