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The ancient meanings of the ring on each finger

Typically engagement and  wedding rings are worn on the ring finger, but do you know the meaning of wearing different types of rings on each finger? In this complete guide, we discuss the meaning of each finger for wearing rings.


Throughout history, it is believed that finger choices for rings have a spiritual or mystical meaning. In palmistry, the hands and fingers are associated with the attributes of Greek gods, and it is thought that wearing specific gemstones on a certain finger can bring good luck. The symbolism and meaning of each finger for wearing rings may influence how you choose to wear them.


The ring finger
The ring finger symbolizes eternal love, creativity and beauty. It is thought to be associated with the Greek god, Apollo, while complimentary gemstones for this finger include jade, amethyst, moonstone, sapphire and turquoise.

The middle finger
The middle finger is thought to represent responsibility, balance and soul-searching while its associated gemstones are coral, aquamarine and rose quartz which are all meant to have soothing properties.

The index finger
The index finger is ruled by Jupiter – symbolizing ambition, leadership and self-confidence. Wearing a ring with blue topaz, amethyst or lapis lazuli on this finger is thought to promote Jupiter’s characteristics.

The pinky finger
The pinky finger is ruled by Mercury which symbolizes intuition, intelligence and persuasion. Choosing a stone such as amber, citrine or moonstone for your pinky finger is said to enable the power of Mercury.

The thumb
The thumb is the only finger that isn’t associated with a Greek god. It is believed to symbolize willpower and self-assertion.

meanings of the ring on each finger

meanings of the ring on each finger


There are many reasons for wearing rings on different fingers. Here we discuss the ring meanings by finger

different fingers for rings

Left pinky finger
It was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries for men to wear two rings on their pinky finger to show they were married. One would be a wedding ring and the other a signet ring. Wearing rings on the left or right pinky could also be associated with the Mafia.

Left ring finger – Marriage or engagement
The left ring finger is the engagement ring finger in the UK. In most western countries this finger is reserved for wedding rings and engagement rings. It can also be used as the promise ring finger, but this depends on personal preference.

Left middle finger – No statement
Wearing a ring on the left middle finger has no particular meaning. If you have a great statement ring, you may wish to wear it on this finger.

Left index finger – Royalty or fashion
A ring worn on either index finger used to be reserved for royalty. Visitors would kneel before the King or Queen and kiss the ring on their index finger as a sign of respect. These days, it is a great place to stack fashion rings.

Left thumb – A sign of wealth
A thumb ring on either hand used to be reserved only for the high class. It was seen as a status symbol and represented wealth due to the fact it costs more to create a thumb ring because of the number of materials used.

Right thumb – A sign of wealth
In the same way as the left thumb, a ring worn on the right thumb used to symbolize wealth. However, these days wearing a ring on the thumb is seen more as a fashion statement.

Right index finger – Marriage in some cultures
The right index finger is reserved for wedding rings in some cultures, for example, this is the accepted place to put your wedding ring in traditional Jewish ceremonies. After the ceremony brides have the option to move their ring to the ring finger on their left hand.

Right middle finger – Open to interpretation
Wearing a ring on either middle finger doesn’t hold much meaning. Therefore, it is a great place to style your fashion or diamond rings as you please.

Right ring finger – Marriage or engagement in some cultures
Just like some cultures wear their wedding or engagement rings on their left ring finger, there are also several countries where you would wear them on your right ring finger. For example, in countries such as India, Germany and Russia, you would wear your ring on your right ring finger.

Right pinky finger – Professional status
Wearing rings on the right pinky finger has the same meaning as wearing them on the left. Sometimes wearing a ring on the right, however, symbolizes professional status. A ring on the pinky can be a symbol of graduating with a degree in a specific field, usually in engineering or ecology.


The finger you choose to wear your rings on really depends on your taste and preference. Some people even choose to wear their engagement ring and wedding rings on a different finger to what tradition dictates.

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